Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fish Creek, Victoria & The Pauls

The four weeks I spent in Fish Creek flew by. The Paul family, made up of five glorious people, Clyde & Bonnie (cats), Jess, Rocky, Sailor, Queenie, Holly, Smiley & other one (dogs), 140 cows, 300 chicks and 900 hens, was a happening farm. The following pictures will help depict some of the awesome sights, sounds and adventures I had while living with the Pauls.

The milking mob enjoying the luscious organic grass on the biodynamic farm…


The completely renovated salmon ranch house is situated at the bottom of a hill close to the milking shed. Amy & Nic plan to cover the pink exterior as soon as possible :)


Five galahs all in line.


Egg extravaganza…everyday we collected ~700 eggs from the coops and brought them back to the house for processing. The following pictures are from the eggroom where we’d candle, weigh, clean, and package each egg. Farm eggs require a lot of handling and work!
IMG_1099 IMG_1095 IMG_1096

The Pauls produce delicious organic milk on their property. And since calving is essential to a milking operation, my time on the farm included a crash course in cow insemination, birthing and calves. And, yes, I even stuck my hand up a cows bum :)

IMG_0989 IMG_1013

From homemade ice cream to hikes at Wilson’s Promotory, I fell in love with southern Victoria and the beautiful people that reside there.

DSCF5767 DSCF5777 IMG_0931 IMG_0958 IMG_1042 IMG_1084 IMG_1093 IMG_1124 IMG_1127 

A farewell bonfire, Paul style…pink marshmallows, chocolate, biscuits & the potential for a giant fire :)

I can’t thank the Pauls enough for all of the adventures they took me on, meals they shared with me, laughs we had together, and conversations we had. I have so much love and respect for each of you!!



  1. Hooray for the 'sticking your hand up the cow's bum' part!

  2. aww. Thanks, our dear friend. You are staring down the last days of your time here in the land of Oz. Come back to us one day. email me your mobile to have a catchup.
    xx Amy

  3. Ito is going to be so happy to see you!!! Safe travels back to the mainland...hope to see you sometime over the holidays :-) Jude and Randy

  4. Missing you - can't believe you ditched us and went back to the U.S.

    So wonderful to have you.